“Success is not for the chosen few but rather for the few who choose it.” - Author Unknown

Trisha Clark

Owner, Managing Director

A wise woman once said, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I couldn’t agree more. I haven’t “worked” in years, and that’s because I absolutely love what I do, the people I do it with, and the clients we do it for.

Before I launched The Marketing Director Group, I held top spots at Family Circle, Popular Science, Traditional Home, The New York Times Advertising, Kraft General Foods, and Weight Watchers International to name just a few. And you know what? I loved what I did then, too.

As owner and managing director of TMD, you can count on me and my team of superstars to get that big important project off your desk. We will get it done, and done well. From start to finish, our goal is simply to make you look good and love what you do.

After all, we’ve never “worked” a day in our lives. Why should you?