“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle

Terri Bunofsky

Research Director

So last week we were totally venting our life’s miseries to Terri, and being the angel she is, she handed us a perfectly blended margarita as she listened, quietly and didn’t interrupt or judge. (And believe us, we deserved to be interrupted and judged). Then, she gave us insightful feedback with healthy doses of snarky humor to cheer us up, despite ourselves. She’s everything you’d want in a friend, and she’s a TMD star because she’s not the typical stereotype of a robotic research nerd (no offense to robotic research nerds). Terri approaches every moment as potentially career defining – and it shows. With two decades of experience in consumer and B2B marketing and research, Terri offers clients in every category extraordinary insights, strategy, tactics, and fresh approaches for success. She has held senior research positions with Conde Nast Publications, Hearst Magazines and Smithsonian Magazine. As if she’s not already super cool, Terri also volunteers as an Account Director for the Taproot Foundation, an organization that utilizes the skills of marketing pros to provide services to non-profits.