“Success is not for the chosen few but rather for the few who choose it.” - Author Unknown

Scott Fishoff

Creative Director

We know it’s lame to say that a Creative Director is, well, creative. But to heck with it, Scott just is, and we’re not too proud to say it, even if it makes us sound, well, uncreative. Renowned for design work that makes an impact, Scott teams up with TMD for ad campaigns, creative sell pieces, presentations, and promotion pieces. He has a gift for living in the moment, keeping his finger on the pulse, and showcasing products in their best light, which keeps us and our clients in love with him. Scott’s professional talents are sought out by firms as diverse as Tetley, Pez, Johnson & Johnson, Scholastic Parent & Child, and Maybelline. His personal talents for being a warm and caring person who mixes a mean cocktail and whips up gourmet grub are sought out by, well, us.