“Nothing happens until someone sells something.” – Author Unknown

Escort Advertorial


Talk about a tight deadline – Escort, Inc., a leading manufacturer of radar/laser detectors was launching an innovative new product. This project came with its own set of challenges, the first being that it was due two weeks from the time it landed on our desk. Secondly, we needed to design the piece to include testimonials and event information before receiving any of the completed materials. Add to that the client’s request to include as many images and copy points about the product. Finally, and possibly most importantly, the piece needed to be customized to address the design styles and parameters of three different magazines (Car and Driver, Road & Track and Popular Mechanics).  Needless to say, we had one heck of a challenge on our hands!


To showcase the unique benefits of Escort Live!, generate buzz, and promote pre-sale interest in the product, Road & Track, Car & Driver, and Popular Mechanics invited a select group of auto buffs to test-drive the device before it hit stores. We featured their reactions—along with descriptions and images of the Escort Live!—in the “Road Revolution” advertorial. Ultimately our team turned this project around—concept to design—within the two week deadline and delivered an engaging final product.