“The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.” - Arnold Toynbee
Mar 20, 11

First Words

by Trisha Clark

Welcome to the premiere of And Now a Word from the Talent, The Marketing Director Group’s new blog.

My hope for this blog is that it becomes a great forum for sharing innovative ideas about marketing—of course!—and for sharing the ways the specialized skills and rich experience of our Group’s team members give clients the opportunity to bring enthusiastic, committed, proven and reliable talent to their projects.

As owner and managing director, I think that’s what I am most proud of: that our clients know a Marketing Director team member brings complete professionalism to the table at all times. That’s why so many of our clients hire our peeps again and again.

And if I had to choose something to be second-most-proud of, I think I’d say it’s the personal qualities my Marketing Director team members embody. In their off-hours, they are involved in some amazing pursuits—everything from acting to baking custom-designed cupcakes, from century cycling to launching websites. I’m looking forward to having them describe some of their extracurricular activities in detail here in future posts.

In the meantime, I thought it would be apt for my first blog post to share info about a recent Marketing Director Group project that incorporates many of the hallmarks I like to think are typical of our work.

For Popular Mechanics magazine, we created a Client Entertainment event with a pre-release screening of the Disney film Tron, an amazing evening whose impact went far beyond Popular Mechanics’ clients seeing a really awesome movie. Our team managed the event from the very beginning, starting with proposing the partnership to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures then negotiating the details of hosting the screening and in-book promotion. Then we executed, pretty close to flawlessly: we provided venue choices, catering options, and budgets, helping PM make selections that best fit their needs; and we finalized each and every detail of the event, held at The Disney Screening Room in NYC to bring added value to our client, so they could look good in their clients’ eyes.

If this sparks a flash of an idea of how something similar—whether very or vaguely similar—might enhance your brand’s marketing efforts, call me and we can discuss and brainstorm it at length.

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