“Nothing happens until someone sells something.” – Author Unknown

About The Marketing Director Group

Just a guess: you need help breathing new life into your brand and you feel like no one knows it better than you do. Nonetheless, you’re frustrated and idea-challenged and (holy deadline!) you just can’t seem to figure out the best way to make it happen.

Sound familiar? Perhaps that’s why you’re here.


We are The Marketing Director Group, and by “we” we mean the stellar compilation of diverse,
experienced, energized and innovative marketing mavens assembled on one rockin’ team.

  • Do we offer all the goodies of a full service marketing firm? Yep, minus the full-time salaries.
  • Do we handle your business as if it were our own? Of course, but you still call the shots.
  • Will we seamlessly handle the project from concept to completion? In our sleep.
  • What about results? Watch them roll in while you take all the credit.
  • Think your job is too big? Bring it.
  • Think your job is too small? It’s not the size of the job that matters, it’s the ideas that do.
  • Is there any other group around with as much combined experience as we have? Highly unlikely.
  • Feeling better already? We thought you might say that.

You can take a deep breath now. We’ll handle the rest.

Need someone onsite?
Not a problem, we’ll come to you. However, when we leave, you might experience severe withdrawal.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you.